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Dr. Kelly Waltman
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Short Bio

Kelly helps leaders and teams connect more meaningfully and create spaces where people thrive. Drawing on her twenty-plus years of professional development and leadership experience, combined with the research from her bestselling book, Elevate Connection, Kelly helps audiences feel empowered to embrace feedback, improve communication, inspire one another, and engage more meaningfully. 

Long Bio

Dr. Kelly Waltman helps leaders and teams cultivate spaces where people thrive. Through her bestselling book, Elevate Connection, in her talks and workshops, she shares the tools to elevate connection, get comfortable with feedback, and improve communication. 

As someone who has experienced the full spectrum of connection and communication (the good, the bad, and the ugly), Waltman draws upon her twenty-plus years of leadership and professional development experience to take audiences on a journey of understanding what true connection means, what effective feedback is (and what it is not), and how to begin cultivating their ideal workplace culture.

Waltman earned a Master's Degree from Shippensburg University and a PhD from Temple University. She is happiest when she is outdoors, preferably exploring trails with her family. She is an avid traveler, hiker, loves to backpack, and dabbles in ultra-marathoning. 

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Dr. Kelly Waltman
Dr Kelly Waltman
Dr Kelly Waltman
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